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Shafiee Yakob

Monday, July 28, 2014, 10:52 AM
RAMBLE: Cara Melayu - keep it simple or boom?

As we headed our way to High Frequency Cafe, located at the heart of Gadong, we noticed that we're actually breaking the tradition of final night of raya. During the night of raya's eve, Bruneians usually rearrange their funitures and clean up their houses, but in our case, our families have done everything two days ago and left us nothing to do. So, Kharney & I decided to have a late supper and catch up - on one of the most vital issues faced by Bruneian' minahs. (Or some might call them - members) & that is...

"The Evolution of Cara Melayu" 

Cara Melayu has always been there since  like ages ago and it is nice to keep it as it is. Some have gone through this phase and soon realized that sometimes some things need to K.I.S.S - keep it simple, stupid! As we can see nowadays, designers make their own version of cara melayu and i have to say its impressive and unique. But what i dont understand is that some people tried to copy and make their own version of it. It may look good in pictures but honey, dont try to fool yourselves. I know how it feels being a target. Been there. Done that. I remember i went to a Gala Night in 2008, wearing a gold blazer. What was i thinking was beyond me. 

Kharney is a good friend of mine, with a cute sense of personalities & a common fashion sense. He can either go big or go mellow on his choice for cloths. With the right timing & event, he knows how to nail it. I asked him what was his thoughts on this matter. He simply said "a lil bit of zas wouldnt hurt but trying to actually think its a masterpiece is a total crap". I love how creative one can be but always remember this saying; 

Simplicity is the utmost. 
                                 - Paris Hilton.

Even paris hilton knows that sometimes less is more. 

A pot of Apple Struedel with Pistachio tea. 

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Sunday, July 27, 2014, 3:50 PM
RAMBLE: Youtube Baby!

As you all know, i have insomnia. Well, not really. Its just that my sleeping pattern is kinda effed up. I usually spend my night wondering about life, relationship (no comment on this matter) n my current situation which you can read all about it in the previous post. Not only that, i usually spend hours and hours watching subscribed videos from youtube due to the fact i have no life. I'm on my semester break, what do you expect. Haha. 

I have to say i love watching this top 10 vloggers of mine (wow, a list. Really, Shafiee?) Not only the are funny & witty, they actually being real. Before this kind of realness, i actually enjoy watching Simple Life & Keeping Up with the Kardashian. I am not kidding. I know you enjoy watching it too. Dont you dare lie. Haha. I find real life events kinda exciting. Since my life is quite mellow nowadays, i enjoy myself watching these kind of videos. Here are my top 10 vlog channels i love to watch & recommend: 

1. Zoella or Morezoella 
2. Alfie Deyes
3. Sprinkles of Glitters
4. FunforLouis 
5. Benbrown
6. Jacksgap 
7. Ibrahimk (One funny Bruneian)
8. MinahHirziOfficial (Singaporean Minah Gangsta)
9. Marcus Butler 
10. Mark E. Miller

These vloggers i mentioned above made me want to start my own channel. Like seriously.   

I made a logo for my channel & everything. I'll probably post some vlogs whilst travelling for "updating-the-family" purposes. I'll probably post something about my journey to one's country - like the food i'm gonna eat,  the activities i'm gonna do, the reviews on hotel rooms & etc. Like any other travel vlogs but with me in it.

However, theres one thing that worries me the most. The thing about Brunei is that if you're not Ibrahim Karim, you always end up on a negative note. People will send your videos or if the senders are creative enough, they'll re-edit your videos & spread it nationwide. Its one of the ways to be famous..... & Thats how that "aku bana-bana kan kau" soldier get his 15 minutes of fame. People will turn any videos into something funny. So its the matter of being "laughed at & not laughing with" kinda situation. 

To be honest, i was once in the spotlight before. I believe it was circa 2006. Back then,  I love making music videos, especially to Britney Spears, and that video was "Piece of Me". I posted in my blog and got surfaced a day after - but with special effects, of course; like cow's moo sound, gagging sound, pictures of gorilla were put to compare & etc. but it wasnt a hit, as i hoped it would be. It lasted for at least 3 days. I was pretty much upset (not bout how long it lasted but how my video surfaced the internet).

 I remember "pulling-a-Britney"! 

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Saturday, July 26, 2014, 3:22 PM
RAMBLE: Oh... Polycythaemia

One of my essential things to do throughout the day is smoking. Smoking ciggarettes has become an addiction of mine since 2009. I then stopped for a year in 2010 but reconnect with its satanic buds the following years. I couldnt help but wonder, "can i stop smoking again?" Recently, i was asked to take blood samples for my medical check. I had to take 3 test, in comparison with my friends who took only one test and got themselves approved. This medical check is significant for any participants who applied to study overseas.

First, the blood result for the first test failed due to the damaged outcome (i have no idea why and how). On the second try, glucose level is fine but found out that my red blood cell is really high... So, the doctor asked me to take another blood test to make sure if i were to be diagnosed with polycythaemia. That means, im unfit to carry out my COP next month which kinda bugs me right now. 

Polycythaemia is a condition that have thicker blood, which makes it harder for oxygenated blood to circulate around the body. (copy & paste from a website) and One of the causes fot this condition is smoking.

So here i am, thinking about...


Wish me luck! 
(Baby steps)

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Sunday, July 20, 2014, 1:13 PM

Two weeks ago, i made a plan to go to miri with my cousin DN, unfortunately she cancelled on me at the very last minute. Thanks to Wani & Qistina who agreed to go on this trip because i really need a holiday in the sun. We were also joined by Wani's little brothers and their friends. 7s a crowd, they say. 

We decided to stay at Marriott hotel, a hotel filled with happy childhood memories, mainly due to its gorgeous and huge swimming pool. Our room was just 10 feet away from the pool. As soon as we checked in, i reached out for the bed, while others unpacked their stuff and preparing their outfit for sungkai later that evening. The sungkai I had was perfect; great ambience, delicious food and ahmazing coffee. The hotel provided a top-notch coffee maker that makes macchiato. The only thing i dont like about the food there was the rice as it has a different texture than what we have here in Brunei. After sungkai, we went to Megamall for a short shopping but didnt managed to get things as we arrived there at 9pm. We ended the night with a smoke at the balcony and changing funny stories amongst ourselves. 

I woke up the next day with a smile on my face. The sun was shining and the pool was not far from our room. I decided to jump in while others were still sleeping. Wani and Qis took pictures for memories.  It was a nice sunny day with view of caucasian men, sunbathing. Haha. Upon checking out, we took some more pictures ( you can see it below) and headed on to the new Imperial mall. A holiday is not a holiday if shopping is not included. Am i right? At 6pm, we went for a sungkai at Grand Palace hotel, one of my family ritual hotel for food. They specialized in Shark fin soup but unfortunately, it wasnt in the menu anymore. Bummer. We ordered ourselves some great food; from asian to western cuisine.  

I reached home at exactly midnight and fell miserably tired. Nonetheless, it was a nice mellow trip. 

Below are some of the pictures from the trip. 

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